What are the non-degradable bodies you utilize for training?

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Are there other platebodies with OSRS GP similar properties that provide better bonuses than rune? What are the non-degradable bodies you utilize for training? What's the price and do you feel they are worth the cost?

Rune is among the best nonmem armour that is not deg. Second is Granite Body, legs, helm and sheild. This is mem, and requires at least 50 str, and 50 def. However , it is among the heavy armors on the market perhaps even the largest. It drains the run in a way that is insane. Additionally, it appears uncool, the whole set is worth less than 500k and is used mainly by bots, as I've heard.

There's also the fighter torso and other stuff u can get through minigames. Then there's Dragon armour, which needs 60 def. If you can't pay for chain bods, or plate bod, that costs 4.5M-5.5M, and 9m-10m respectivly You can also use a rane body, which comes with medium helm and drag legs. Don't use granite body + dragon legs, thats the way bots dress. I'm using Zammy platebody with Dragon Platelegs.. It looks awesome. Most of the higher gear are deg, but barrows gear lasts like 10+ hours of battle, and that's before repairs.

I've come to your Sal's office for advice on Dungeoneering. Yes, it is me who needs the help this time. I've always wondered how to determine the right threshold for praying on monsters. In other words, at what point for each kind of monster should I use to pray a protection or offensive prayer? By type, I'm referring to warriors, shades and rangers. Magers, bats and rats, demons, pickaxes, brutes, etc.

In other words, if a monster is like old school rs gold level 2. You shouldn't be praying for it. However, for all rangers with tiers higher than 7 , you should be praying, the mages are probably not, but melee warriors can be brutally hit when they receive katagon. So yes, pickaxes do hit like hell . Therefore, brutes... meh.