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Product use

HYAcorp, the main scope of hyaluronic corrosive explicitly intended for the face and body!
HYAcorp MLF 2 is exceptionally formed to give maximum volumising results to body reshaping.

It is uniquely intended to reshape huge region of the body. MLF 2 can right and work on the silhouette and state of the buttocks but also can update the calves.

It is shown for:

Right disfigurements of the outline shape
This item is utilized with Sculpt Face Canulla 16G x 120mm.


HYAcorp MLF 2 comes as a straightforward viscoelastic gel of cross-connected hyaluronic corrosive to address body volumes and accomplish an etched outline. The extraordinary sythesis of HYAcorp MLF 2 gives greatest volumising impacts to reshape the body.

It is a high virtue clinical gadget expected for single use. The item is produced using hyaluronic corrosive of non-creature beginning.

The profundity of infusion relies upon the area infused.

Difference between Hyacorp MLF 1 and Hyacorp MLF 2

The contrast between the two Hyacorp MLF 1 and 2 lies in the distinction in size of their particles despite the fact that they have a similar centralization of hyaluronic corrosive (20 mg).

HYAcorp MLF 1 is intended for forming and rebuilding little region of the body like hands, calves or in any event, remedying curved distortions.

On account of a definition with bigger particles, HYAcorp MLF 2 is explicitly intended for the volume and forms of the backside.

HYAcorp MLF 2 – Composition

Hyaluronic corrosive: 2.0 mg
Cross-connected Hyaluronic Acid: 20.0 mg
Sodium chloride: 6.9 mg
Water for infusion: 1.0 ml
The item is produced using a hyaluronic corrosive of non-creature beginning

Hyacorp is a clinical gadget that has the CE name (Class 3) inside the EU

Needle size: 10ml

The utilization of a cannula is suggested

Treated areas

  • Buttocks
  • Calves
  • Pectorals
  • Body contour (Silhouette)
  • Restoring body volume
  • Correction of post-liposuction depressions


  • Getting back in shape
  • Restoration of volume and contours