The DQ4914-103 Air Jordan 6 Mint Foam

The DQ4914-103 Air Jordan 6 Mint Foam


Flyer Jordan 6 is in a quite eventful year. In addition to the long-awaited "UNC", 2021Shoes  will also return in "Midnight Navy" to dress up "Chinese New Year" and launch a female-only "mint bubble" color scheme. The latter, which was previewed along with many of the brand's spring 2022 products, just revealed more details before its release on March 22. This is a simple business, without any obvious femininity, the couple first walked in the front with unisex clothing. White and very light gray alternately span the leather upper, matching many adjacent details such as pull tabs, tongues, and lace shields. However, hardware such as lace buttons, brandishing a luxurious silver metallic luster, stand out even when compared with the "mint foam" that emphasizes the midsole and heel.

Adidas 4DFWD made its debut in 2021. With the help of its long-term partner Parley For the Oceans, 2021 Yeezy Boost has once again achieved an upgrade focused on sustainable development. The latter introduces recyclable materials to reduce the overall carbon footprint. Here, these recyclable yarns form knitted uppers, and thicker cable-like ducts bypass the uppers. The 3d grille outsole itself is also constructed with these recycled materials, strengthening its claim of true environmental awareness. When we associate Parley with the refreshing sea blue, many of Parley's recent products do not have this iconic appearance, which makes their participation less obvious. Nevertheless, the goals sought by this partnership are urgently needed in the shoe industry-the shoe industry generates a lot of waste and materials in the manufacturing process.

In the past, UltraBOOST has taken some internal influences, whether it is ZX line or even 4D technology. Here, Climacool 2.0 serves as the latest inspiration for the icon, and its iconic components are seamlessly integrated into the building. Among the many changes, UltraBOOST itself is the only one that remains true to the counter. Both of these equipment are black, Clarks Womens Shoes which complements other color schemes. "Three Blacks" was the common color scheme of Climacool 2.0 many years ago. The mesh upper is also reminiscent of the silhouette, worn on the toes and collar with similar weave patterns. On the side, the blue line between the middle panel and the eyes mimics Climacool's intricate cage. The hexagonal synthetic material of Adidas Trae Young 1 is one of the most interesting features of this shoe so far. But few pairs have enlarged it like the upcoming "pixel" color scheme, which does its best to highlight each individual part. To color within the lines as much as possible, the brand fills the top to the edge with several colors. Orange, black, red and two shades of blue are scattered everywhere, creating a formation in no particular order. In contrast, the cover layer has a flatter tone, and their matte and webbing have chosen a dark, strong neutral color. Below, the sole instead gave the cool tone a magnificent stage, matching only a warm-dominated logo hit.