GMB FEATURE UPDATE: Call History now shows live data!


GMB FEATURE UPDATE: Call History now shows live data!

It had been in Beta for some time and then Google recently released their long-awaited Call History feature to Google my Business (GMB). This handy feature gives the business owner a complete record of the people who contacted their company. You can also view the history of the caller and call them back directly without the need of an automated call tracking tool.

How does it work


You are looking for a Marketing Company to help with local search engine optimization. You perform a quick Google search using your phone and then you press the "CALL" button on Dot The i Creative's business profile. DTi is able to set up call forwarding in Google My Business. This information will be tracked and displayed in the "Callstab on our profile. You can quickly find recent calls as well as manage missed calls using the "Calls tab.

How can I tell which calls are from my GMB list and which aren't?


Customers will always be getguestpost connected to your business via a forwarding number instead of using the number on your profile, and there will be an automated call that says "Call to Google."

What is the maximum storage capacity for call history information?


After activating the feature to record calls Call history data is saved for 45 days in the "Calls" tab. Call history currently only tracks calls to the phone, not text messages.

Why do we do we love it?


You can quickly assess the effectiveness Get Guest Post of your local SEO efforts through the ability to assign leads to call tracking. ....

If a client calls and is pleased with your business and you are pleased with their experience, you can make an email to ask them to leave a Google review directly on the number they have called.


Knowing that the call came through Google My Business and being in a position to match phone numbers to customers will allow you to get an idea of the level of leads that are coming through and better track the overall return on investment.


By registering for call tracking, you to see Website missed calls and potential listing errors. Call history data can help you quickly identify the issue if your operating hours aren't precise or evident.

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Controlling your Google My Business listing can be a hassle and could take you away from your daily operations. DTi is the right partner for you. Our experts are knowledgeable up-to-date and able to perform all the heavy lifting needed to ensure your business stays ahead of the pack and keeps your customers in the know.