The objective is to utilize nooks

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Trying almost RuneScape gold everything on the moneymaking guide and afew more things which are petty and not worth mentioning. Now I'm by no means searching for anything simple, just fast if potential or very rewarding (roughly the same as double nating). I'd aviansie or metal drags if I could but I will leave that until after I get 61+ array. Thank you for any help guys/gals. Well I got like 58 or 59 triumphed atm, im not sure which. Ive been training at hobgoblins that's decent exp, but im lookin to get sumthing better. I use full gram dhide and a amulet of power with a maple steel and short arrows (prolly swappin to bronze though) I am f2p, which may be a problem. I want to get to 65 ranged, 44 prayer (for eagle eye), and 55-60 defense. Ive heard moss giants are relly great to train , and they provide big bones. However idk where they're so if u could tell me id love it.

Yes, it is me again. This time, with greater stats! I will be utilizing Ranged like last time. However, this time, it is different. I will bring Monkfish or something greater. And a few Ranging Potions. However, because I've seen in movies and pictures, some people also bring additional bolts such as Diamond (e). However, I might use Ruby Bolts (e). Any recommendations/improvements?

I'm looking at a manual for it now, and I'm trying to figure it out. I need the thieving XP, not herblore or anything else, simply max out my thieving. So just what do I do? Can I still crush the fruit? Or maybe not? The objective is to utilize nooks, crannies and convenient holes in hedges to hide from being faced at directly by the Spirits. Then, in the end of the maze, then you will reach the Garden. The Garden consists of 2 parts: An herb patch plus also a S'quirk tree. S'quirk will give you Thieving XP, while Herbs can make you money. Once you have them, take an empty Beer glass (it's possible to craft it from Molten Glass, buy a beer and drink it, or choose the easy method: Go back to the Apprentice's home and steal one from her shelves) and a Pestle and Mortar, utilize RS 2107 Gold the Pestle Mortar onto a lemon, and create the S'quirk Juice.