A day to reply 8, It took.

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I want 2K21 to be boring! I would like to be able to MT NBA 2K21 sink hours into it and still have some thing to do! The 2K Events are a wonderful change of pace here and there, however, as soon as they're gone, what then? What am I supposed to do before the following one? Having some extra daily objective in MyCAREER is fine, but a number of them are kinda impossible once you're in a low skill level or a even lesser OVR.

In short, I have gotten bored of NBA2K20. Will I keep playing with it? On and off, yes. I do have some basketball games to playwith. I have lots of options to receive my Basketball mend. So those are my thoughts. I do not ask that you like my opinion like a lot of you like 2K's crappy business practices, but I do ask that you respect that I have you.

You do realize clothes items do nothing to boost your sponsorships? All you get is free sneakers from whatever company you signed up with. having ps+ makes NBA 2K21 So. Much. More. Interesting. Parkand the cages, today, my group rec, ante up, my league online, play. All of these are much better than grinding mycareer. You spent your VC on items that were useless then whine about the way that it takes too much time to upgrade characters? Bruh that bc you grinded was sufficient to get at least four players to 95. Playing one season provides you enough to get to 90. Playing with rec along with styles gives enough for to 95+.

Try giving yourself an actual challenge with my own league. Make a contender, not a superteam. Perform online. Rebuild a struggling team. In conclusion, no I don't encourage the microtransactions and total greediness of 2K, but your complaints are wrong. You gained enough vc for them to 95, however didn't get them up because you spent it all. You didn't even try to access half NBA 2K21, the enjoyable half and are stating NBA 2K21 is boring. You claiming it rated and must be simple that has become the dumbest argument I've ever heard. E is content rating there is a game. A game shouldn't be simple. NBA 2K21 requires at least a little skill, it just seems like you don't want do the job.

A day to reply 8, It took. I had some stuff to do. Where do I begin. In 2K21 they'll get rid of that, but I ain't holding my breath. The VC thing. Yeah.I got bored of squeezing it out and since I am broke I'm not paying for this. I didn't know there wasn't an incentive in order that has been unnecessary spending to being decked out in the clothes of my sponsor.

Onto Multiplatyer, I'm not paying $10-$60 for PS+. That's a rip-off began by Microsoft and I will not buy into it. So what if half of NBA 2K21 is secured supporting the need for your own subscription? It is half of NBA 2K21 I will not be playing since it is not worth the investment at the moment. And dependent on the experience I'd have when I had PS+ (toxic players, complaints about how bad my construct is, etc.) and you can see why I've opted to Buy NBA 2K21 MT never touch the Park 39 and a half foot pole. Playing a more challenging dificulty in MyLeague was done already.not moving around that again.