For some incomprehensible reason, New World is devoid of mounts.

Even though Amazon Game Studios' New World has managed to launch successfully, it has not been without its share of issues


Even though Amazon Game Studios' New World has managed to launch successfully, it has not been without its share of issues. However, one persistent theme with New World, even before its release, has been the absence of mounts.

'There will be no mounts for you, so off you go walkies,' the developer says.

Guild Wars 2 players respond by saying that you're "pulling a Guild Wars 2" (a game that initially launched without mounts before eventually adding them).

As a result, the game addresses this issue through its lore:a note you discover titled 'The Animals Revolt' with the headline 'A Notice of Concern to Carters and Porters' written by 'your friendly local doctor,' and titled 'A Notice of Concern to Carters and Porters.'

It has to be the most ridiculous explanation on the face of the planet.

It says the following:

In light of a recent rash of back injuries, the doctors of Aeternum feel compelled to issue the following warning to anyone who transports goods from one settlement to another:

Please keep in mind that on Aeternum there are no beasts of burden to be found. No horse or donkey will pull your cart, carry your pack, or even tolerate a rider unless they are trained to do so. All attempts to domesticate or re-domesticate these animals have resulted in injury and a great deal of swearing on the part of those involved.

As a result, it's critical to transport only as much cargo as your own back can handle at any given time. Don't overload your bags or carts with unnecessary items. This isn't the Old World anymore. In Aeternum, we are all responsible for our own actions.

Your joints will be grateful to you!

So, the horses have risen up in revolt? We should have spent the first hour fighting graminivorous quadrupeds rather than mini Dr. Manhattans, it seems to us (see also: all of New World's mythology), and we should have spent the second hour fighting graminivorous quadrupeds rather than mini Dr. Manhattans.

In any case, we now know that you cannot have a mount in New World Coins because, according to reports, they simply attack people. Check back in a few months to see how the retcon turned out!



Every existing world's server capacity will be increased in order to accommodate the new world. 

New World developers are working to increase the capacity of every available server in order to reduce the length of time players must wait in line for New World.

An announcement on the official New World Twitter account expresses gratitude to the one million players who flocked to the game when it first launched earlier this week, while also promising that despite the rocky start, the development team at Amazon Game Studios is working to increase server capacity on all available servers.

For those of us who have been struggling to get buy  New World gold to work properly since its release, this is undoubtedly a welcome development. As soon as New World was released, players reported long wait times to log into the game's servers all over the world, regardless of where they were located. This resulted in some amusing memes being created by those who were stuck in line.

The development team had previously proposed a solution to the long queue times that were still in effect. Previously, Amazon Game Studios announced that they would be providing free server transfers for all players for the next two weeks, allowing those who were stuck waiting for long periods of time to switch to a less crowded server at their leisure.

This feature, according to a new blog post from the development team, is at the top of its priority list for New World, and the team hopes to be able to launch it by the end of next week. Hopefully, this temporary solution will prove to be successful before the server capacity for New World is eventually increased at some point in the future.