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PSO2 consistently had a MTX issue. Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta includes lot of pay walls. For Room, Respecs, Multiple Specs Mag Respecs, limits that are Selling/Buying, Trading limits, Character recustomization. As most PSO2 players will tell you a good deal of this can be worked around by the time you reach max level since there are alternate way to get these attributes. However, for a brand new player it a pay wall. You may very much still appreciate PSO2 inspite of that but it some thing to bear in mind. In terms of real loot boxes it's fair and unfair. It seems very unlikely you can find a particular item from a loot box. Nevertheless it can't be viewed by you. Loot boxes essentially is a way to use money to buy meseta.

Every thing you get could be offered on auction house. So you utilize meseta you get from loot box or from playing PSO2 and purchase the comsetics you want. Everything is obtainable with time that is sufficient. Overall I think that its. On subject of community I was kind of disappointed. I've a good deal of great memories of PSO, PSOBB, PSU in which you had this EN community of gamers. So one reason I really wanted a PSO2 EN server was to get that community. While even PSU server was quite memey as you see"More than 9000" kind of jokes back then it was still pretty wonderful community. However PSO2 community is present somewhere on the border of"Trolling and Toxic". I've blocked literally hundred individuals posting raw pornography Symbol Chat

Exterior of lobbies folks jsut solo and when you do get a group it's a anti social vibe to it. This might be the fact that PSO and PSO2 are games. Where PSO really call for a solid team to perform a lot of things, PSO2 you are able to solo essentially anything if you are good enough. And things that can't be are only giant zergs. Game is fun, courses are lost of pleasure dressup, great of nostalgia, universe that is unique and enjoyable. But specifically on topic of Community and Monetization it ohonestly not good. Never played PSO2 before, tried it for the very first time bombarded with so many informations. I got overwhelmed with too many stuffs at the sametime, and also found out the that you need to pay monthly subscription to sell in AH? That's an OOF for me. In general too many stuffs thrown in the sametime including cash shops stuffs.

PSO2 finally gave me the push to devote to PSO as my game. I really wanted to love PSO2 however, the way they turned it into a"play 30+ minutes daily forever or you'll miss out on all of these exclusives eternally" monetization only kills it for me. I can't ignore it when it's there since fashion is such a big portion of PSO2 and many things are so easy to get in the event that you just log into. But I also don't wish to be the kind of person that must drop everything every day to go play one game no matter what. It is more healthy to stop today. And of course hitting max level at a day makes leveling a grind that is useless, and"glass cannon" being the only viable build for every course, among other issues. Original PSO has its difficulties but at least now I understand to stop waiting for something unnaturally better.

I play frequently on DC PSO servers that are private and the GC and there's been an increase in player base, especially since NA PSO 2 got announced. But normally the players online remain at a continuous number. We could hit 30 on a weekend evening which, may not sound like a lot but trust me theres a great achievement on GC. Dreamcast going strong also with players logging in frequently. Blue Burst gets the highest player base from og PSO, they do pretty well but no more play BB myself. I dont think PSO will die tbh. I really do like PSO2, but it doesn't have the exact same charm about it. I dip in and pso2 sales out of it.