The Burning Crusade Gold Farming Guide for World of Warcraft Classic

When it comes to the best way to prepare for the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, many players agree on one thing: farming a large amount of gold before the event


When it comes to the best way to prepare for the World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic, many players agree on one thing: farming a large amount of gold before the event.  In this guide, we'll go over the various methods you can employ right now to earn a large amount of World of Warcraft TBCWOW TBC classic gold.

You can read about what you can do right now to prepare for the upcoming Outland adventure in our guide to the best preparation for Burning Crusade Classic.  Many players should prioritize saving as much gold as possible, and this should be at the top of their priority list.  For example, the expensive but quick flight license or the early production of best-in-slot armor and weapons for various professions are examples of where money can be saved.

However, we have been in the final stages of the World of Warcraftbuy Rocket League Items era for quite some time.  In addition, the prices of Naxxramas-specific items and consumables are falling, and resources such as arcane crystals and lunar fabrics are no longer worth nearly as much gold as they were just a few months ago.  In this guide, we'll show you how to make good gold while still playing World of Warcraft Classic.

Gold source #1: Gold DKP runs are available.
The importance of the gold DKP meta on manybuy tbc gold servers, as well as the obvious impact this meta has on the gaming experience and the economy, were recently covered in detail by us. . . . Although it is a sad reality, participating in a successful GDKP run in Naxxramas is currently the most effective gold farming method available in Classic.  This method allows you to collect several thousand gold pieces per run while spending a comparatively short amount of time doing so.  Organizers of such GDKP runs are even permitted to take home a five-digit gold amount in each ID card they create.

Increases in level for TBCbuy MIR4 Gold Twinks
The leveling up of new main characters or (professional) twinks is another topic covered in our guide, which we mentioned at the outset of the article.  The majority of players, on the other hand, are not in the mood to spend an inordinate amount of time on tedious quests and long running paths.  The dungeons Castle Shadowfang, The Scarlet Monastery, Maraudon, and Zul'Gurub are much more time-efficient if you are boosted by high-level characters, and this is especially true.  Moreover, because so many players are aware of this and are willing to pay for this service, boosters can currently make a substantial amount of money from their magicians.

AoE farming with the help of a magician
The Magician was, and continues to be, the ideal farm class throughout the Classic era.  As a result of his frost spells and area attacks, he has the ability to solo master significantly larger pulls than any other archetype.  Take advantage of the difficult pulls that are available in Maraudon.  There, experienced magicians can demolish 300 to 500 opponents in a single attack from the stage.  Of course, a large number of mobs can be used to draw a large amount of loot.  Selling the gray items, enchanting the green and blue parts, and looting the silver all contribute to bringing everything together.  Fabrics, precious stones, bags, herbs, ores, and, with luck, one or more valuable, unbound gems can be found among the treasure trove.  Furthermore, you can combine the farm rounds with the previously mentioned level boosts to maximize your gains.  It is necessary for you to be a magician.  Check out the top ten things you should do when you reach level 70.

Fabrics, leather, ores, precious stones, and splinters are some of the materials used.
At the moment, however, not only are a large number of characters leveling in World of Warcraft Classic, but the professions of the Azeroth fighters are also being redesigned.  As we look ahead to the Burning Crusade Classic, the emphasis is, unsurprisingly, on professions that provide particularly compelling advantages.  Many magicians, for example, will pursue a career as a master tailor as a result of the armor sets' extreme strength and ability to be customized.

Even though Blizzard has already stated that they intend to adapt the drums of the leather processors from the Burning Crusade, many players are already strategizing on how to make the most of this opportunity.  After all, a change does not necessarily imply a deficiency, and the developers acknowledged that the drums would continue to be a significant advantage for leather processors in TBC Classic if the changes were implemented.  In other words, you can currently earn a good living by selling leather parts and fabrics, which are required to raise the level of the two professions.

Additionally, the prices of some items that are required to level jewelry have seen a significant increase in the last few weeks.  For example, you can currently find a German guide for leveling jewelry from 1 to 375 here, which is updated regularly.  Agate, aquamarine, large opals, blue sapphires, and enormous emeralds are some of the most expensive precious stones on the market.  However, gold bars and ores, bottles of mojo, and elemental water can all be used to bring in some extra cash.  NOTE: If you want to make the most money possible from the gemstones, sell them before the jewelery trade is opened up to the public.  Probing is a skill that comes with the job, and it allows you to extract gemstones from ores, among other things.  Many players have already begun accumulating large amounts of ore stacks in preparation for exploration.  If and when probing becomes possible, the prices of the gemstones listed above will fall.

The majority of these Classic materials should also be a good source of income in Burning Crusade Classic itself, as few people will play through the old zones as a result of the character boost (professions still need to be leveled, for instance).  For Classic materials, which are required for the manufacture of objects that are also relevant in TBC Classic, the same holds true as for TBC materials.  For example, Golden Sansam is used to make Elixir of Healing Power, while Large Shiny Splinters are used to make Excellent Magic Oil and Excellent Mana Oil, and Gromsblood and Ghost Mushroom are used to make Elixir of Demon Killing.

Solo rounds in Dire Maul East are not recommended.
Speaking of Gromsblut and ghost mushrooms, here's what you need to know:All of the herbs, including dream leaf, can be grown in one location that is particularly productive and free of competition: Düsterbruch Ost.  The following is a summary of what we've already covered in this guide about farming the dungeon effectively:
That's how it works: you go it alone as a villain farming gold in Dire Maul East.
A magician or druid, for example, can make good use of it in their farming endeavors.  As a result of the falling prices for arcane crystals, only the jump-runs to the ore deposits at the end of the dungeon are partially worthwhile.


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