What is Steam like as a gaming platform?

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I have a lot of ideas about Steam. Steam is currently a profitable way of promoting game sales. Although he has a lot of free games, some of the popular games they make are also. But the new fun game has been a lot and will recommend the relevant paid game for the player based on the game label you play.

Common ways are to help promotions through promotions, because you have already played your favorite free game, so according to your behavior, you have made it in your behavior, and the recommended game probability is the type you like. Then there is also a promotion, your consumption probability will increase many.

Secondly, the added value. One is a badge for Steam Level Up. There will be two large-scale promotions each year. There will also be the subject type of badges. And want to get them, the player's consumption is essential. The reward badges participating in the promotion will generally have high XP. For players who want to buy games, this additional value is particularly meaningful and further realizes game sales.

The themed activity is less than the number of times a year, in order to provide additional value, STEAM also launched the integral store function. Every purchase of player can get the corresponding points. Perhaps you know a lot of players in Buy Steam Level Up, the integration store has launched everything we need.

BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION, I have a very rich background, an animated sticker. There is also your game, and there is also a Steam team making. There are also seasonal badges that offer a lot of XP. I have also begun to join the items in the game to the integral store.

What makes me amazed is to contact the points and Steam communities. Steam points essence is to promote players to buy games. In order to make Steam points more valuable, Steam points can be used for rewards in the Steam community. Others can share a reward for your sharing. It is also increased players to invest in the community. While making Steam points more useful, let players like the community.

This is a huge game platform, not only contains a lot of games, which is also like a vicious game.