Fans have been quick share their thoughts

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While the total MAUs across all Activision Blizzard's affiliates reached 435 million in the Q1 of 2021 however, the number dropped to 371 million by end of D2R ladder items the year.This suggests that Shadowlands received a brief uptick, but following mediocre releases like Chains of Domination, it didn't quite live up to the hype.

Fans have been quick share their thoughts on why the figures are as they are, citing a lack of entirely new content as one of the major reasons for a decline in interest.

"Nothing actually new has been made available. Diablo 2 [Resurrected], Burning Crusade Classic, and the "content" of 9.1.5 was outdated Legion content lol. We need some new content" says one.

Another article explains that despite the global economic crisis, Blizzard still struggled to make any headway despite restrictions that led to "an uptick in MAUs for numerous other games made by others."

In the wake of the Microsoft purchase, it will be interesting to see what changes take place going into 2022. With a brand new WoW mobile game scheduled for release, and Diablo Immortal and a confirmed survival game, the next few years seem to D2R items for sale console be a little brighter. Only time will tell.