Fortnite vs. PUBG: 10 Reasons Why Fortnite Is a Better Game Than PUBG

Fortnite vs. PUBG: 10 Reasons Why Fortnite Is a Better Game Than PUBG


What Exactly Is Fortnite?

Fortnite is a battle royale game in which 100 players jump out of a flying bus onto an island and compete to be the last warrior remaining. The players do so by employing grenade launchers, crossbows, guns, and other weapons scattered throughout the island.

The ability to acquire resources and then use those resources to build structures to shelter themselves, hide, or get a good perspective to perfect a shot is a unique component of Fortnite's gameplay. Aside from this dynamic element, Fornite includes a number of other wonderful features that make it a fun game to play.

What Exactly Is PUBG?

PUBG stands for PlayerUnknown's Battleground and is a multiplayer battle royale game. The game's basic gameplay is extremely similar to that of Fortnite. In PUBG, 100 players are dropped from an aircraft onto an island and must collect armor and weapons before engaging in a big battle to be the last person standing.

PUBG began as a result of the creator's work on ARMA 2 mods. PUBG was born as a result of his decision to create a standalone battle royale game.

10 Reasons Why Fortnite Is a Better Game Than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

1. Fortnite Is a Completely Free-to-Play

The fact that Fortnite is a free-to-play game rather than a pay-to-win game is the first reason why it is superior. PUBG costs $29.99 on Xbox One and $29.99 on PC. While I can buy in-game coins with real money, it's just good for customizing skin selections. Despite the numerous aesthetic options available to change how my character appears in PUBG, these changes have no effect on the real gameplay experience. Free V Bucks Generator gives you unlimited resources to get unlimited V Buck in the game. You don't need to download any kind of software. By using this online tool, you can access the complete amount of resources without much effort.

2. Fortnite Has Fewer Bugs

When I did a fast YouTube search for "PUBG fails," I found a (literal) slew of fail videos. Many of these failures were due to the game's design rather than the players' actions or strategies. Game glitches were the primary reason of the failures.

On every device (except mobile), PUBG battles tend to crash, players can glitch through walls, and accurate headshots will occasionally have no effect on opponents.

Despite the fact that Fortnite operates at 60 frames per second on Xbox One, Xbox One X, PS4, and PS4 Pro, these issues do not occur while playing the game. I've never had a Fortnite game crash, and I'm not aware of any glitches that have occurred in the last two months.

3. Fortnite's Graphics Are Much Clearer

The graphics of PUBG are grungy and textured. The game's rendering and glitching issues are mainly due to the volume of texture.

Fortnite's aesthetics, on the other hand, are appealing and full of bright, crisp lines that do not appear old. The contrast between the bright colors and entertaining visual style and the violent component of the game is perfect. The game is also more accessible because of the graphic style, which allows PC players to play without needing a top-of-the-line gaming PC.

This isn't to say that Fortnite's design isn't cute, or that there aren't any badass skins. The bulk of character skins are badass enough to reflect the fact that this is still a game about killing opponents. For those who enjoy cute and fluffy things, there are a few cute and fluffy skins available.

4. Fortnite has a better online community

Fortnite swiftly grew in popularity as a result of widespread community support and the inclusion of the game in numerous streams.

Despite the fact that Fortnite attracts more casual players due to its style, roots, and Epic Games' commitment with the Fortnite community, it still offers a superior overall gaming experience. Its authors and participants have created a true feeling of community that is more friendly online than PUBG.

Fortnite's gameplay is generally faster-paced than PUBG, and players don't have to put in as much time. If one of my teammates makes a mistake during gameplay, I only lose 5 to 15 minutes of my time rather than 30 minutes or more. This eliminates a lot of the toxicity that would otherwise pervade the gaming community.

5. Fortnite Has Its Own Character

Fortnite isn't one of those games that takes itself too seriously. One way the game's producers illustrate this is by infusing the game with a lot of personality with regular updates that include seasonal skins and events.

Cosmetics or new skins for characters make up a large portion of the seasonal content, and they're frequently entertaining additions to the game. Have you ever wished to witness a brightly colored undead Santa Claus? That's just one example of a fun seasonal skin that adds some spice to the game.

PUBG, on the other hand, rarely alters or improves its aesthetics, and players have only a few cosmetic improvements to choose from.

6. Fortnite Regularly Adds New Features

Epic Games has done an excellent job of releasing new content on a regular basis. In fact, they're providing fresh content every other week without requiring a new download. These "new" releases will be gradually distributed after being incorporated in a prior patch. This gives the devs more time to focus on the more serious bugs while still providing fresh content to the players. Players can also get new content through daily missions and the battle pass system.

7. Inventory Control

When I play video games, I usually devote a quarter of my time to inventory management. "Can you tell me what I require?" "Is it worth keeping this to sell?" and "How is my inventory already full?" are questions I ask myself on a regular basis.

The player's inventory is limited to five weapons and a pickaxe in Fortnite. Switching between these devices is simple, and the game's ammo storage system is straightforward and requires little thought. Healing and shield supplies can take up a lot of room in a player's inventory, therefore they need to be balanced with their weaponry.

PUBG's inventory system, on the other hand, is clumsy and takes as much care as a classic RPG. A player's inventory space can be increased by obtaining higher-level backpacks, but the player is always limited to two weapons.

The Fortnite Generator is a working, undetected and fully automated software which you can use to get unlimited Free V Bucks to your account. PUBG's inventory system is distracting, but Fortnite's inventory system allows players to focus on the game and blowing up houses.

8. Color-Coding Weapons

In Fortnite, color-coding weaponry is similar to the game's inventory system. It takes the guesswork out of the equation and clarifies the weapon system. This allows players to concentrate on the game and reaching the top 10, rather than second-guessing their weapon selection.

It also provides for a higher level of intricacy when it comes to the quality of a weapon. A purple shotgun will have more accuracy and damage than a green shotgun, and considering this quality differential becomes necessary as you compete with more skilled players.

9. Map Dimensions

The map in PUBG is vast, which means there are a lot of amazing hidden gems, but it also means I can go 20 minutes without seeing another person. As a result, the game takes longer to play and finish.

Fortnite's smaller battlefield is likewise full with unique cities and strange buildings, but because 100 people are crammed onto a smaller zone, games tend to run faster.

10. The Size of the Playerbase

Fortnite has a global player base of 45 million (with over 3 million concurrent users), while PUBG has a total player base of roughly 30 million.

Why is the quantity of players important to me? I'm interested because the more active players there are, the less time I'll have to spend waiting in a lobby.

Furthermore, more players equals more watchers of the stream. When I'm looking for a new game to stream, the quantity of players and viewers are really crucial to me.

The amount of participants also provides me with information about a game's health. If a game has a large number of players, it is profitable for a corporation to continue investing in it. A drop in player numbers could indicate or disclose a drop in game quality, an increase in cheaters/hackers, or the introduction of unfair compensation schemes.

Fortnite Is Better Than PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of both games, I've opted to continue with Fortnite. I'll play PUBG if a friend needs a squad member, but I'm not going to spend my free time there because Fortnite provides a more gratifying experience overall.

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